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Here you will find the latest models and best offers on Bullpadel rackets, one of the best padel brands, used by the best players on the World Padel Tour. Bullpadel Hack 21, the racket of Paquito Navarro. Bullpadel Vertex 3 21, the racket of Maxi Sanchez. Bullpadel Vertex 3 Comfort the racquet of Juan Tello and Martin di Nenno. Bullpadel Vertex 3 CTRL, the racquet of Federico Chingotto. Bullpadel Flow, the racquet of Alejandra Salazar. Bullpadel Vertex 3 Woman, the racquet of Delfi Brea. Bullpadel racquets are characterized by high quality and modern design. The racquets of the Europe America collection: Bullpadel Hack Air AE 21 and Bullpadel Vertex 3 AE 21